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My fees include filing the license with the issuing clerk.


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Information on getting married in New York State


  1. A marriage license may be obtained at any city or town clerk’s office within New York State.  It must be a New York State issued marriage license, but does not need to be issued from the town you are getting married in.

  2. Minimum age is 18.

  3. Couple must appear together in person before the issuing clerk with government issued identification.

  4. Fee imposed by New York State is $40.

  5. If there are any previous marriages, proof of divorce, annulment, or death of spouse must be provided.

  6. No blood test is required.

  7. Photocopies or scans of birth certificates are not acceptable.  Certificates with raised seal must be used.

  8. License is valid for sixty (60) days, but a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours must be waited prior to the ceremony.

  9. New York State only requires one (1) witness.  Two (2) spaces are provided as it is tradition to have the best man and maid/matron of honor sign.  However, anyone present at the ceremony may be a witness.

  10. Marriage license must be brought to the ceremony.  (The clerk will also provide an envelope.  Please bring the envelope, unsealed, to the ceremony.)  After the ceremony, the officiant and witnesses sign.  If the license is not brought to the ceremony, I will make arrangements to sign it for you at a later date. There is a fee of $50.00 to meet with you after the ceremony to sign the license.  New York State Domestic Relations Law requires the date that your license is signed by the officiant and witnesses is the date of your marriage, not then the date of the ceremony.  Please do not ask to have the license backdated.

  11. Officiant is responsible for returning the license to the issuing clerk.  I must take the application after the ceremony and return it to the issuing clerk. New York State will issue your official certificate of marriage. Upon request, I will email a scanned copy of the application. Copies of the application may not be acceptable proof of marriage.  I recommend waiting for the official certificate of marriage from the state for anything you may need official proof for.  Please allow fifteen (15) business days from the day the license is submitted to the clerk’s office for your certificate of marriage.  I return the license by United States Postal Service Certified Mail with return receipt.  The allows for tracking and proof that it arrived, and who received it.

  12. Please verify all the information on your license is correct prior to leaving the clerk’s office. Your certificate of marriage may not be processed, or may cause a delay, if your information is incorrect.  If you already have your license, please review it thoroughly.

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